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Full members of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) may apply for registration as a CPA under the mutual recognition agreement (1 July 2015 to 30 Jun 2020) provided that you: have attained the age of 21; are a fit and proper person

Old ACCA syllabus offered before December 2007 diet New ACCA syllabus effective from December 2007 diet HKICPA corresponding QP competency requirements i Paper 3.1 – Audit and Assurance Services P7 – Advanced Audit and Assurance Module C ii

The MRA applies to ACCA members who were registered as ACCA students in Hong Kong and the UK after 15 August 2004. An applicant who is a member of ACCA applying for membership of HKICPA must have: an Accounting Degree or a Non-Accounting

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Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) Frequentl y Asked Questions Mutual Recognition Agreement with ACCA General Questions Q1: What is the key arrangement under the current Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between

21/2/2020 · ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global body for professional accountants. Home Our qualifications Conditional Exemption (CE) Programme Apply to become an ACCA student Why choose to study ACCA? ACCA accountancy

HKICPA members acquiring membership of overseas bodies Recognition status The Institute has entered into agreements with different recognition requirements: Reciprocal membership agreement Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ)

CPD activities Cancellation of ACCA Events from 30 January to 23 February In response to the growing concern over the spread of the novel coronavirus, ACCA Hong Kong has decided to cancel all member events from 30 January to 23 February as a preventative

7/11/2019 · 第二, 真心覺得ACCA 既考試設計完善d, 我自己由F1 考起,14份卷都係自修可以搞掂 第三, 我公司冇AS, 考QP真係不知何年何月先Q到, 我先拎左ACCA 先, 再睇下幾時有機遇轉工有AS, 先Q 埋HKICPA P.S. 由ACCA轉入HKICPA, AS係冇期限既, 你幾時拎

1/9/2019 · 唔好意思, 我岩岩畢業係新手一名, 前路茫茫, 所以想問下各位c兄應該考邊個試好, 1. acca同hkicpa係香港來講僱主會承認邊個會多d (假設同audit無關的普通firm)? 2. 考左hkicpa 係咪可以互認acca, 調番轉 考 左acca有沒得互認番hkicpa?

17/2/2020 · If you are a HKICPA member to be eligible to apply for ACCA membership you must have qualified through the HKICPA’s QP and have done so having registered as an HKICPA student in Hong Kong SAR of China. This route to ACCA membership is for membership only and does not automatically convey practice

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ACCA Members 1. ACCA members in good standing who were registered as students of ACCA on or before 15 August 2004 and completed their ACCA examinations before the extended deadlines shown for students below can apply for the Hong the old MRA.

20/2/2020 · ACCA Hong Kong was established in 1950. Since then, we have focussed on promoting our qualifications to new students and employers, and supporting our local members throughout their careers. We share success and growth, together. ACCA now has 26,000 members and 133,000 students (including affiliates

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The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (the Institute) is the only body authorized by law to register and grant practising certificates to certified public accountants in Hong Kong. The Institute has more than 42,000 members and more than 18,000

ACCA、AIA、HKICPA、CICPA、AICPA详细的免考政策 ACCA免试政策 ACCA对有志参加ACCA专业资格考试的中国学员将执行以下免试政策,详情如下: 注册报名资格 免试情况 教育部认可高校毕业生 1、会计学 获得学士学位 免试5门课程(F1-F5) 2、会计学 辅

4/1/2020 · 小弟啱啱本地大學non-accounting major畢業 有間2nd tier請咗我做associate 條team係focus喺internal control, internal audit, risk management 咁就當然都係要考試考牌啦 問題就係我想搞清楚其實喺香港ACCA/ HKICPA會唔會有好大分別? 因為我non-accounting

很多学员以为ACCA与HKICPA仍然互勉,想要了解一下。现在情况是:ACCA与HKICPA自05年协议到期加之HKICPA改革后,二者已经不再互认了,在此之前,ACCA只要加2门考试就可以成为HKICPA。 现在来讲讲他们二者间的历史: 背景: 十几年前ACCA在香港

HK$148 per course or HK$429 for three courses (For Certified Public Accountants, Registered Students, International Affiliates and members of staff of HKICPA, as well as Associate Members, Fellow Members, Registered Students and members of staff of

4/10/2017 · 1) ACCA 算唔算 有牌會計師, 定係一定要HKICPA 先叫做有牌?? ACCA當然係無牌, 唔算會計師. 2) 拿到得ACCA, 無HKICPA, 係咪無咁好?? ACCA過多幾年, 應該再無人考. 3) 冇DEGREE, 是不是拿唔到HKICPA, 如果拿左ACCA想轉去拿埋HKICPA??


The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), founded in 1904 is one of the world’s leading professional accountancy organisations. ACCA now has over 188,000 members and 480,000 students in 181 countries. They also work with 7,110 approved


11/2/2015 · 1. acca同hkicpa係香港來講僱主會承認邊個會多d (假設同audit無關的普通firm)? 這個沒關係的,但普遍來說在香港工作的話考HKICAP 會好點。 2. 考左hkicpa 係咪可以互認acca, 調番轉 考 左acca有沒得互認番

很多学员以为ACCA与HKICPA仍然互勉,想要了解一下。 *7情况是:ACCA与HKICPA自05年协议到期加之HKICPA改革后,二者已经不再互认了,在此之前,ACCA只要加2门考试就可以成为HKICPA。

28/9/2007 · (Can apply HKICPA after obtained CPA(Aust.) without the need to take appitude test) ACCA is required to Take 5 subjects +3 years audit experience =>ACCA (But their position in HK is getting lower, coz ACCA is not friend with HKICPA, so you cannot apply

A PLUS archive 2020 issues: January 2020 2019 issues: January 2019 February 2019 March 2019 April 2019 May 2019 June 2019 July 2019 August 2019 September 2019 October 2019 November 2019 December 2019 2018 issues: October 2018

7/7/2019 · HKICPA會員係香港local係唯一法律上可以叫自己做會計師,而要成為HKICPA既會員正常途徑就要考QP。 ACCA係英國特許公認會計師公會,係全球最大的既專業會計公會之一,係全球唔同既地方都有著唔同程度既認受性。

2006 is the milestone year that Kaplan Financial has achieved the accreditation from HKICPA and reviewed by HKCAA (Hong Kong Council of Academic Accreditation) to offer Conversion Programme to the public. Successful students can then progress onto

Institute: Kaplan Financial (HK) Limited

12/7/2019 · 而家D人話HKICPA 唔接受 ACCA 嘛. (好似) 咁應該相對考ACCA 的人唔多. 當年我都係諗住有個DEGREE 有保障D. 無想過考牌架. 跟住讀完 見好悶咪又考埋CPAA 囉. 講真要讀真係讀DIPLOMA 上. 唔好浪費時間考LCCI 啦.


HKSAE 3402 Assurance Reports on Controls at a Service Organization HKSAE 3410 Assurance Engagements on Greenhouse Gas Statements HKSAE 3420 Assurance Engagements to

本题已加入知乎圆桌 » 注册会计师之路 ,更多「注册会计师」讨论欢迎关注。大家好,我是某外国语大学(2 以前我在这个问题下有一个回答,那个回答非常简短。前些年我弄了一次群内讲座,给学生们讲了一些ACCA的问题,也提到了ACCA和CPA的比较问题,在这里把讲稿给大家分享出来。

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首先,ACCA转HKICPA是member转member,要满足很多条件,比如: 对ACCA方面的要求:-ACCA是在香港或者英国注册-在香港或英国考试 对HKICPA方面的要求:-需要是HKICPA认可的degree holder-要参加一个Module的workshop-要在认可雇主(AE或AS)工作至少三年-通过FE 具体可以参考Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA),2015年有最新的。

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14/4/2015 · HKICPA係香港法定專業會計師註冊組織,QP係HKICPA搞。QP要上堂同考試,但ACCA只需考試。QP係開卷考試,ACCA相反,但唔好以為開卷考好正,唔需要讀書,考試你掛住搵答案係唔夠時間做,而且最近一個SESSION,每個module合格率40%都無,應該係

Full members of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) may apply for registration as a CPA under the mutual recognition agreement (1 July 2015 to 30 Jun 2020) provided that you: have attained the age of 21; are a fit and proper person

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3 ACCA / HKSA JES Students If you completed the Joint Examination Scheme (JES) on or before the date it was terminated in 2001, you can apply for membership any time: 1. You do not need to become ACCA members to apply for the Institute membership.

以ACCA CAT(相當於HKICPA的AAT,沒有應考要求)計九份CAT試卷大約需時一年,再以2至2.5年應考ACCA專業試的考卷(中七畢業即傳統叫2A3O者可直接應考專業試),五年完成考卷絕非不切實際。而且質疑有關計法的朋友似乎看漏了一點:一般應考QP或ACCA

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1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Agreement for Recognition Arrangements between the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) As Hong Kong’s only statutory accounting body

25/12/2017 · ACCA,CPA,CIMA,HKICPA ?哪個證書讓你更易獲得香港會計工作 2017-12-25 由 國際職業資格 發表于資訊 宏景國際教育 你正在尋找一個會計資格證書來幫助你找到工作,或是在香港會計服務業發展,你應該選擇哪一個資格證書


He started working full-time in education field since 2000 and worked for HKICPA as Education Director in 2006. He is the founder and Principal for HKCA responsible for accountancy training for the professional qualifications of QP and ACCA.

1/8/2019 · 咁我都知.. 我依家應該會讀 cuhk 的HD Corporate Management and Business Information Systems 企業管理及商業資訊系統 我想一面讀,一面考証書囉 咁唔知道你知唔知關於一D LCCI, HKICPA, ACCA, QB 的資料呢?

考了hkicpa再考CPA只需考税法和经济法?这么好的条件,有人科普下hkicpa吗?报名条件报名时间什么的?我是ACCA会员,同时也在考HKICPA的QP课程。首先对CICPA无感也不准备考,考HKICPA的QP的原因是这个是我目前为止见到最具有value for money的

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4/6/2018 · 而ACCA转HKICPA要求考ACCA时要在英国或香港通过ACCA考试.同时必须参加F4,F6,P7,P6,P4的papers,不能免试,选修的P4-P7本来ACCA只要求学2门,但是如果想转港注,必须P7,P4,P6都考。同时,以上几项全部需采用香港法律及准则的试卷。 而且还要

Fees Non-credit bearing modules The tuition fee for a module is HK$932.5. A 20% discount applies to all non-credit bearing modules for HKICPA members and affiliates. After discount, the tuition fee for a module is HK$746. Non-credit bearing courses The tuition fee

10/12/2008 · ACCA is really global, and is very suitable for the present business environment on a worldwide basis. ACCA is the world’s largest accounting body. HKICPA is just a local accounting body, though statutory and was basically the former HKSA, which is easier in

ACCA supports 188,000 members and 480,000 students in 180 countries, helping them to develop successful careers in accounting and business, with the skills required by employers. They also work through a network of 100 offices and centres and more than 7,000 Approved Employers worldwide, who provide high standards of employee learning and development.

Advanced Audit and Assurance(INT): 30 Hours